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5 'Healthy' Foods Nutritionists Say Are a Waste of Money

Registered dietitians wish you'd stop buying these deceptively unhealthy eats.

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McDonald's salads

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McDonald’s Stops Selling Salads After More Than 160 People Are Sickened

At the moment, this healthy choice isn’t so good for you.

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Liz Pryor
woman running on treadmill

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You Don't Have to Do Cardio to Lose Weight (But There's a Catch)

Turns out, cardio isn't necessary for shedding pounds, but it *is* still important to get your heart rate up.

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woman crocheting

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Crocheting Can Improve Your Memory, Concentration, and Sense of Calm

New research reveals a surprising find among 90 percent of crafters.

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woman doing downward facing dog
Pouring red wine

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Why Does Wine Give You a Headache?

Red wine is a wonderful thing—unless you're among the unlucky victims of wine-induced headaches. We break down the scien...

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thigh gap
chia pudding

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8 Healthy Rules to Steal from the Keto Diet—Even If You'd Never Actually Follow It

Keto isn't for everyone, but there are some good habits that you can steal from the popular diet to use on your own.

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thick smoothies

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Weight Loss

Why Thicker Smoothies May Help You Lose Weight

A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found that the thickness of a smoothie contribut...

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iced coffee

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Drinking Coffee Might Help You Live Longer—Here's Why

Go ahead, celebrate with your 2nd—or 8th—cup.

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metal straws

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