Editor's Letter: Your 24/7 life

editor's letter

Photo by Peter Ardito

Photo by Peter Ardito

Our editors have been thinking a lot about families with teenagers and how they live—days, nights and weekends. Teens aren’t toddlers; they no longer require hyper-vigilant supervision. They’re more independent—doing homework in their room, going to sports practice, babysitting other kids—which means you’re getting some time back too. So we wanted to organize our pages in a way that reflects the rhythm of your life: On Duty and Off Duty. 

On Duty is mom taking care of business: at her job, managing kids, navigating finances, tackling the never-ending laundry pile, scheduling medical check-ups, getting dinner on the table…you know, all the stuff that’s on your to-do list every day! (This is what my on duty looks like—the chaos of my work life.) So we’ve launched some new columns to help you get through it, like Task Master, and Family Health Checklist (the cure to all your questions about everyday health concerns—this month it’s vaccines). 

Off Duty is all the stuff you look forward to doing once your to-do list is under control, like making your home pretty (see our story on decorating teen bedrooms), planning a family vacation, shopping, baking or even, gasp, taking care of yourself

We’re still delivering all the great types of content you love, just with new packaging. Please let us know what you think! 

Cheryl E. Brown, Editor in Chief
[email protected]